D-link DP-101 or other print server IP reset

So you found an old D-link DP-101 or other printer server that you need to use, but don’t know what static IP address you gave it years ago?
The solution is simple.
This also on other D-link print server models, if you did this on models that are not listed below, please leave a comment so i can add them.
Verified to work with:

  • DP-101
  • DP-101P+
  • DP-300U

The D-link Dp-101 is a stable parallel to network print server, but it does not have the feature of a “Reset to default settings” hardware button anywhere. If you want to reset the device to default, or change the IP address without knowing what it is now, you have to do it with D-link’s tool, and it only works on 32Bit computers!
Here is how you do it, with link to the software

What you need

You only need two things to make this happen.

  1. A 32Bit Windows computer, I used an old Windows XP (I have not tested Windows 7 32Bit)
  2. The software, that you can download here: PS-Admin 3.00 or here: dlink.it

One you have the zipped program, and an old computer. Continue reading.

Installing the D-link DP-101 print server reset tool

  1. Copy the PS-Admin 3.00.zip file to the 32Bit computer that has to be on the same network as the D-link DP-101 print server.
  2. Extract it by opening the .zip archive and copy the content to the desktop or any other folder.
  3. Run the setup.exe file in “DISK1” folder to install the program
  4. Once installed, find it in your start menu, and open it.
    It should look something like this:
    ps-admin interface
  5. On the left site, you see a list of all the D-link print servers it found on the network. As you can see there are 6 of them on my network. If there is nothing in the list, you have to make sure that the D-link DP-101 print server is powered on and the network connection lamps are on or flashing. Then go to File->Discover in the program to rescan the network for D-link print servers
  6. If you see your device in the list, you can press it and choose “TCP/IP protocol” at about middle of the program.
  7. A new window will pop up, showing you the current IP address, subnet mask and default gateway. like in the picture below:
    ps-admin ip change
  8. Change the IP address and other info to whatever you need, and press OK until you are back at the main window again
  9. Close the program and press “Yes” to save changes.

That’s it, you D-link DP-101 (or other maybe) now has a new IP address and is ready for use again.
Happy printing!

4 thoughts on “D-link DP-101 or other print server IP reset

  1. Nick

    A quick alternative that doesn’t require a 32 bit machine or installing PS Admin; from an elevated command prompt
    arp -s ip-address mac-address
    arp -s 00-50-ba-de-11-22

    1. Steffan Post author

      Yes great idea. This way you will add a static arp address locally so you can access the print server on the ip you specify, no matter what ip it is assigned. and the mac address is almost always located on a sticker or something..
      This is useful!

  2. Luis

    I mention I have one of the DP-101 itself, but can not remember the password will be a solution to restore factory.


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