D-link DGS-3324SR management IP address configuration

This is a quick post on how to configure the management IP address on a D-link switch. Mine was a DGS3324SR but i bet it’s the same on all D-link managed rack switches.

For this i used a Belkin F5U103V USB to serial converter, and connected directly to the switch console post. you can see how to get the Belkin F5U103V working in Windows 7 64Bit in this post
I am assuming you are at this point already connected to the switch using the console port and logged in.
If the switch already has a valid IP address you can connect to it using ssh og telnet as well.

Configuring the IP address on the D-link switch

  1. Enter the following command to change the IP address:

    config ipif System ipaddress x.x.x.x/x.x.x.x or x.x.x.x/x

    NOTE: the command is case sensitive!
    x.x.x.x = IP address
    /x or /x.x.x.x = subnet mask

    config ipif System ipaddress


    config ipif System ipaddress 192.1687.2.2/
  2. When the command successfully changed the IP address run the command below to verify the IP

    show switch

    If you used telnet or ssh to connect to the switch, you have to reconnect to the new IP address first.

  3. All changes take effect immediately, but will NOT be saved to N/V RAM, so if you power off the switch or reboot it now, the changes will be lost. To save the changes permanently use the command below:


You switch now has the new IP address permanently, and you can connect to it using telnet, or via. the webinterface.

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