Word lens – The real time translation app for Android and IOS is now free!

Word lens is not really Linux, or hardware related. But i’m sure every tech geek will love this.

What is World lens

Word lens is an app that can translate text from signs, papers or similar through the phones camera. I think it would be simpler to just show you their official video:

The app is not perfect, and if you try to translate something on a computer screen, it will “flicker” a bit. But it’s a nice and useful tools to have in your pocket when you are travelling or just visit another country, specially because it will work without any internet connection!

Word lens is now free, why?

Google have bought the company named Quest Visual who owns the Word lens app. This means it’s now Google’s.
Google made all the in-app language purchases free, so you can now translate the following languages for free:

  • German -> English
  • English -> German
  • Spanish -> English
  • English -> Spanish
  • French -> English
  • English -> French
  • Italian -> English
  • English -> Italian
  • Portuguese -> English
  • English -> Portuguese
  • Russian -> English
  • English -> Russian

Can i get this on my phone?

If you have an Android phone or iPhone then yes.
I should work on Android and IOS tables too (I have not tested this. Post a comment if you can confirm this)
This app does not exist for Windows phones.

Where can i get it?

You can get Word lens for free here:
For IOS you can get it in the App store
For Android you can get it in the Google Play Store

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