Mail Admin Tool (MAT) a management interface for ISPmail

Mail Admin Tool (MAT) a management interface for ISPmail
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ISPmail, what is that?

ISPmail is a really good guide made by Christoph Haas that you can find at A short description of what it is:

A guide to help you setup an email server, with virus and spam scanning + pop3, IMAP and smtp support for mobile devices or emails clients like Thunderbird.
It also allows for multiple domain names on the same email server!

I followed the guide and made my own email server, but the lack of a management interface for administering the email accountance, domains and aliases was making me crazy, there was no easy way to do it so i decided to make my own tool for it.

Mail Admin Tool (MAT), what can it do?

It is designed to do one thing and one thing only. Simply making it easy to manage your domains, email account and aliases when running postfix with MySQL backend that you have made when following the ISPmail guide from

It was made with the ISPmail guide in mind, and it should work right out of the box if you followed the guide. If not, then this tool is not for you.

You can even reset mail account passwords if your users lost them with just a few clicks, easy and painless!


This software/script/site/management interface is free, for both commercial and private use.
You can make changes, give it to others, whatever you want with it, but I do require that you always leave the footer like it is at the bottom saying “This tool was made by Steffan Slot (” and leave the README.txt and changelog.txt like i set it.

If you make guides, or other pages on the internet on how to install or use MAT, please put in a link to on the same page so people know where to get the latest update.


  • A running web server with php
  • Access to the MySQL database from the web server
  • Javascript enabled in your browser
  • Cookies enabled in your browser
  • Access to the mysql server containing the “Mailserver” database from the web server



screenshot_0_Mail_Admin_Tool screenshot_1_Mail_Admin_Tool screenshot_2_Mail_Admin_Tool screenshot_3_Mail_Admin_Tool screenshot_4_Mail_Admin_Tool

How to install it

The installation is simple, it’s only 4 steps and should take less than 5 minutes.

  1. Download the zip (windows) or tar.gz (linux) and extract it to your web server that has access to the MySQL database with the database containing your emails, domains and aliases.
  2. read the README.txt file (please don’t skip this… It will only take you 30 seconds to read)
  3. Since the new ISPmail guide for Debian Wheezy, the database user has only SELECT access to the database, you have to change this before you can use MAT, else you will not be able to create new domains, users or aliases (or delete them).
    There are two ways to solve this, and both are shown below (log in to the MySQL, and execute the query’s in the method you choose to use):

    • Method 1:
      Create a new user (Let’s name it “mailadmin”), for MAT with SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE rights to the same database as your mailserver. Remember to change the password in the query:

      Create the new user (if your webserver running MAT is on another server that the mysql, you have to change to the local IP of your webserver.):

      GRANT SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE ON `mailserver`.* TO 'mailadmin'@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

      Flush the privileges:

      flush privileges;

      Making sure it’s in effect:

      show grants for 'mailadmin'@'';
    • Method 2:
      Edit the permissions for the existing user, giving it enough rights to be used for MAT.
      You can do this by running the following SQL query:
      (if your webserver running MAT is on another server that the mysql, you have to change to the local IP of your webserver.)

      grant SELECT,INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE ON `mailserver`.* TO 'mailuser'@'';

      Flush the privileges:

      flush privileges;

      Making sure it’s in effect:

      show grants for 'mailuser'@'';
  4. Edit the includes/config.php file with your database information, username and password.

Default username/password to access the management interface

The default username and password is:
Username: AdminUser
Password: AdminPassword

I highly recommend you change this in the includes/config.php file!


I made an external site for this tool, you can find and download it here: (The site is in English)

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